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Our Most Popular Courses

Discover Scuba Diving

1 day    $70

This is for anyone who has never been diving before. The programme lets you do a try dive. It may just be a cool experience that you'll never forget, or you may love it and want to continue your training. 

Open Water Diver Course

4.5 days    $360

The world's most popular entry level certification, you will receive a complete education in how to be a safe, competent diver and the certifcation is valid world wide. Consisting of theory, confined and open water sections, this course is will open your eyes to the underwater world

Advanced Diver Course

3 days    $360

Make the step up from Open Water Dive! This course will improve your skills as a diver whilst widening your experience. Do a deep and navigation dive, and pick any three from altitude, peak performance bouyancy, search and recovery and more to complete this certification.

Altitude Specialty Course

1 day    $125

Learn all about diving at altitude! Why is diving at an altitude different? How does the equipment behave differently? How do you plan dives at altitude? What are the different physical considerations involved?

Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty Course

1 day    $125

Learn to improve your buoyancy control, dive with less weight, improve your air consumption and improve and try new finning techniques! 

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