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Learn to dive in a beautiful high altitue volcanic crater lake! Offering unparalleled value for money, ATi DiVERS also offers unparalleled levels of education, with small groups and lots of individual attention. We are proud to be able to offer PADI scuba certifications in this unique environment!

These are our core courses, check out the Specials section to see current deals and combos on courses, or extra courses that might be currently available.

Free dormitory accommodation is included for the duration of most of the courses. This accommodation is in the Castillo Dormitory of La Iguana Perdida. If you wish to upgrade your room, we will deduct the dormitory bed price from your final bill. Please let us know if you want to get a bed in the dorm during your diving course. All courses include equipment rental and certification costs. 


Please note that you cannot leave the lake the day of your final dive due to the change in atmospheric pressure associated with the ascent.


Discover Scuba Diving

1 day    $70

Scuba Diver Course

2.5 days    $240

Open Water Diver Course

4.5 days    $360

Adventure Diver

2 days    $240

Advanced Open Water Diver

3 days    $360

This is for anyone who has never been diving before. The programme lets you do a try dive. It may just be a cool experience that you'll never forget, or you may love it and want to continue your training. 

This course will teach you the basics of diving, and covers roughly half the content of the Open Water Course. At the end, this certification will allow you to dive under the supervision of a professional and is easily upgradable to the complete Open Water at a later date.

The world's most popular entry level certification, you will receive a complete education in how to be a safe, competent diver and the certifcation is valid world wide. Consisting of theory, confined and open water sections, this course is will open your eyes to the underwater world

Continue your dive education and choose three adventure dives to earn this certification. This is a midway certification between Open Water and Advanced Open Water, and can be easily upgraded to Advanced at a late date. 

Make the step up from Open Water Dive! This course will improve your skills as a diver whilst widening your experience. Do a deep and navigation dive, and pick any three from altitude, peak performance bouyancy, search and recovey, wreck and more to complete this certification.

Emergency First Response

1 day    $85    

Rescue Diver Course

4.5 days    $360

Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty Course

1 day     $125

Altitude Speciality Course

1 day    $125

Learn all about diving at altitude! Why is diving at altitude different? How does the equipment behave differently? How do you plan dives at altitude? What are the different physical considerations involved?

For certified divers who want a greater understanding of how pressure (and different pressures) affect how we dive. This course consists of a two tank fun dive, plus a theory session.

Learn to improve your buoyancy control, dive with less weight, improve your air consumption and improve and try new finning techniques! 

For certified divers who want to improve their diving skills, diving more efficiently as well as learning to improve buoyancy control while completing tasks such as taking pictures and videos, or deploying an SMB.

Learn to think beyond yourself as a diver. Now, with the PADI Rescue course learn the skills and techniques to anticipate, prevent, and solve problems others might have while diving.


This serious but fun course gives you a new level of confidence and allows you to better look after others as well as yourself.

One of the foremost international CPR training courses, Emergency First Response gives you the confidence to respond to all medical emergencies, not just in diving but in everyday life.

You do not have to be a certified diver to take this course!

alt anchor

Learn to dive under watchful volcanos!

ATi DiVERS also offers PADI Courses with the option of doing the theory online before getting here. With PADI E-Learning you complete the classroom portion at your own pace – anytime, anywhere. Then you can get straight in the water when you arrive!

If this option sounds like the one for you, get in touch and then click the banner below to purchase your E-Learning Course and get started!

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